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Who’d have thunk it in 2009!

My take on new year wrap up. Close this year behind and step on 2010 with a touch of reflection.  Not being too nostalgic of course, it’s just another 366 days, what could happened in one single year? – A lot if you ask me.  Michael Jackson died, who would’ve thunk he could be put to the ground? A living zombie hooked up on a lot of drugs that finally snapped. Jon and Kate + 8 is no longer fun to watch anymore too much drama and paparazing.

Not forgetting the financial market crashed and went down on fire like that elevator in Mythbusters episode that came down loose from 8 story high taking Buster inside smashing the ground hard sending a lot of pain and frustration across the world. The shock was on par as the news on Tiger Wood’s marriage infidelity breaks making many sponsors think twice about slapping their logo next to Tiger’s name. But, he might just prove that men do indeed think about sex every 3 seconds. Makes you wonder how did they conduct the study. 192 countries get together in Copenhagen talking about global warming. Sure enough there are plenty of promises being thrown out but the only certain outcome, is that it is no longer a myth or urban legend anymore. It’s real! Read the paper sceptics.

On a more personal note, Getook Blog started off this year a bit shaky. It was kind of in a beta state if you will. Mika was the one who kicked things off and had me started blogging for the first time. So there will be a lot of posts on her in the future. But, hopefully she won’t take over the blog. So, I’ll try posting something worthwhile other than her occasionally.

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