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West Borneo voluntary trip 2009 … Hydroplant visit (part 2 of 3)

On the way to see the “blown up” hydroelectric plant that serves the hospital. The road is narrow, muddy, steep, wet and slippery. We got to ride in a 4WD jeep.

It wasn’t an easy ride in the back of the jeep. I jumped up and down hitting the ceiling and bottom right after each other so many times it felt like being dribbled by Lebron James!

I imagined myself holding tight to my camera while being tossed out of the jeep and fall flat face down into the mud.

It crossed my mind several times.

At this point we have to abandon the jeep. The road is about to get steeper. Off on our foot we go for a little bit of hiking in the jungle of Borneo…

Our number have aslo grown by now. That’s because we picked up these helper one by one on the way. And they are all related to each other somehow…

And finally – exhausted – we arrived at our final destination

It might not look like it, but that’s the hydroelectric plant on the far right. The top picture shows the back of the hydro room and that small channel is for the water to return back to the river behind.

Here’s the channel with water gushing out from the wheel. Inside measurement of the wheel housing needed to be taken. So, we went down there in the tunnel.

Remind me to bring a bigger flashlight. It’s dark down there.

View from inside of the tunnel looking up at the wheel and the jet nozzle

If there’s one person who could dismantle and re assemble the generator back while fixing it in the process, that would be the driver. “Pak Yahya” a seemingly calm person who drives around in a beaten up jeep in order to get the generator up and running so that everyone in the hopital might have power.

It’s a huge task but he made it all seems like a daily routine.

So the story behind all these mess was that The pelton wheel that generates power cracked and split into two pieces while turning at high speed. I can understand now why the hydroelectric generator built in 1986 said to had been “blown up”. It quickly flooded the room. With the control panel inside, no one dare to rescue the equipment. Fortunately the damage done is not beyond repair. Though the hospital had to run the 60 KW genset extra longer and with fuel cost on the rise, running the genset overtime gets very costly.

If you are interested and want to find out more about this project, here’s how you can contribute:

For Financial help go to borneohospital.com/donation and specify project
“6416-912 Indon-Power Up”

For Voluntary opportunity here is the info

Or drop me a line. I’ll be more than happy to share information with you.

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