This page has been neglected for way too long. Still a working process and it will always be that way (sigh…)
Now I’m building using Lightroom, Slideshowpro player for lightroom, and Slideshowpro Director. Getook is hosted at Godaddy for free. So please ignore their annoying ads.
The idea is to have lightroom as a tool for touch up, organize and backing up a gazilion photos of Mika in my PC. Then Slideshowpro player came in and automagically create this visually attractive slideshow hence the name. Its a plug-in to your lightroom engine.
The last component to complete this work flow (translation confusion) is the Slideshowpro Director. Director allows me to add a picture or two to my slideshow after it is published. This is useful because I always forget a thing or two and without Director, I’d have to re-create the slideshow and manually upload this to getook again. But, things have change, now I just export the forgotten picture in lightroom and boom it gets added to the slideshow in just like that.
Note that the slideshow produced is flash based. Which means it is hostile to Apple’s iPad or iPhone. Using iPad to view would give you blank page. But not anymore because Director can detect if iPad or iPhone tries to view the slideshow and it throws back the version they can view.
I think they call that HTML 5.

  1. December 2, 2010 at 2:35 am

    I really like your blog. I friended you on FB, at least I hope it was you. I just started a blog which I will not give you the address for because it is pretty much in collagy shambles. Thanks for the help with Typepad, I still can’t figure it out, but your info has helped a great deal.

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