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Voluntering Sustainability Practice

March 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Watch out, the word “sustainability” is about to become more famous in the next few years – if it hasn’t already. It is certainly an aspect that has an ample amount of weight in the building industry. Architects and engineers alike. They talked about it and spent times trying to figure out how to wrap their project with a big blanket of sustainability. This is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, not so much in many volunteering projects especially in developing countries.

Ned Breslin (his Bio) – A CEO of Water For People said this:

Africa, Asia and Latin America have become wastelands for broken water and sanitation infrastructure…

The infrastructure mentioned here is referring to facilities that were built by many volunteers and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization). The intention to bring water and provide safe sanitation to remote and forgotten communities is nothing but good if not – noble. The problem lies in the poor execution and half-baked procedure.

a small caveat of incentive that comes with this kind of project beside “helping” the communities is that the number of people benefited from the project will be shown on someone elses portfolio. And it will stay there for a number of years. Even when the system finally ceased to operate and the volunteers are long gone, the number in the portfolio lives on.

The longevity and life cycle of the system are often left out for other volunteers in the future to figure out.

The right way to do this as described by Ned, is to incorporate ownership of the system. Which involves the community actually paying for the system in long term. Find out how at the source below after the pictures.

Money can be raised, water pump can be bought, donated and installed. But, to exclude and ignore the capacity that the community itself have to offer, is a sure failure coming at a distant.

Pictures from West Borneo of water infrastructure all out of commisioned


West Borneo voluntary trip 2009 … Hydroplant visit (part 2 of 3)

January 23, 2010 Leave a comment

On the way to see the “blown up” hydroelectric plant that serves the hospital. The road is narrow, muddy, steep, wet and slippery. We got to ride in a 4WD jeep.

It wasn’t an easy ride in the back of the jeep. I jumped up and down hitting the ceiling and bottom right after each other so many times it felt like being dribbled by Lebron James!

I imagined myself holding tight to my camera while being tossed out of the jeep and fall flat face down into the mud.

It crossed my mind several times.

At this point we have to abandon the jeep. The road is about to get …follow complete story

Serukam Surgery Center with Google SketchUp model

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Still work in progress both the project and the 3D model.  For more information about Borneo hospital visit . Below is a study model created using Google SketchUp. It’s a very powerful tool to simulate building virtually and best of all its free and easy to learn.  Here get SketchUP go nuts and build something!