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LED vs Incandescent

February 12, 2010 4 comments

A seemingly inexpensive incandescent lamp for a mere 70 cents ends up costing more than the ridiculously priced $82 LED light of similar lumens output.

The price of a standard LED fixture may drive a lot of people away in an instant. Thus, overlooking the potential of quick return on investment that can be gained. Plus, this thing looks too darn futuristicly cool to pass up – very scifi ish.

In case you are wondering what does it take to manufacture one of these LED bulb – Not much. A study done by OSRAM concludes that only 2% of the energy required to light up the LED from start to finish, actually went into production.

So, to produce one 12W LED with 50,000hr rated life, the manufacture would spend only 12 kwh in terms of energy required giving birth to this baby. To give a comparison; my last month electric usage was 600 kwh.

Complete calculation and picture of LED here