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Monitoring building usage leads to behavioural changes

March 8, 2010 9 comments

Energy geeks would have love nothing more than to see their energy consumption in REAL time. In the old day, like yesterday…, monthly bills is used to see how much electricity, water, gas and etc have been used. The only problem with that is that you are monitoring monthly usage only, while a lot is going on within the month. Say you want to find out what happened on day 7 from 1pm-2pm and that particular time happened to be an hour ago… You can’t.

But, with Lucid Design Group and their “building dashboard” product, you can instantaneously see your energy consumption at any given point in the past. Access for the information is done through their website. It’s like magic… only with a dash of science. I want this for Christmas… you hear that Santa?

There’s a live demo of the Dashboard here. I hope there’s something similar to this in a not too distant future and doesn’t cost $9000. “Ouch” maybe for homeowners. But, If you are a comercial building manager / owner, this might sound too good to pass up.

Update1: I cant’ believe my wife doesn’t care about any of these stuff??…

Update2: Okay @getookwife does care :p