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Shure E2c woe, now known as SCL2

February 15, 2010 2 comments

Sure Shure is known as the premium option for listening to your mp3 musics. It delivers exceptional sound quality to your ear without blowing the drums inward smashing together halfway inside your head. The E2c acts as vacuum barrier to block outside sound.

It has worked as advertised except one little problem – the cable.

I would bet my own dog house if I have one… that Shure has prior knowledge on the matter. Thus rebadging the product and made modification to upgrade the cable. Nothing wrong with that. But, if you own previous model (the E2c) and your 3 years warranty has expire, then you are

The cable is intended to run around your ear loop. This is where it fails as it retains memory from the bending position. So, eventually, on purpose or not, bending the cable the other way around WILL cause it to break and peel off so exposing the wires inside. See picture above.

This is the result from my “normal wear and tear” So, even though the 3 year warranty has expired, Shure should work out this problem in favor of the customer.

Instead, 15 minutes with customer service, the only solution they offer is to charge me more money ($53.53 + tax + shipping) because they were unable to repair the cable, so they asked to send me a new unit for the price. I declined.

The choice was easy. The problem shouldn’t be there at first. I didn’t cause it and it’s clearly a design flaw. Shure should just send me a new E2c gratis to back up their Brand.