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WC: flushing water much?

March 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Hard to believe that even water was once considered an unlimited resource. Understandably, it’s almost unthinkable that water would someday became “out of stock”. Afterall, our earth is covered by 71% water. But, most of them are not safe for immediate consumption and to provide potable drinkable water requires energy, infrastructure, man power and lots of money. So, it is in everybody’s best interest that potable water cumsumption be kept as minimal as possible. In contrary to the urgent matter, here in U.S. it’s a normal practice to flush our toilet with drinkable water. How much water do we dump through our toilet? Literally.

Before Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) 1975, water closets were flushed with 7 mighty gallons of potable water! Later on, the U.S. Energy Policy Act (EPAct) 1992 set a maximum rate for flushing water closet to 1.6 Gallon per flush. Now, some manufacturer have come up with 0.5 gallon per flush. Very significant progress indeed. Who knows what the future might bring… in terms of flushing your number 1 down the toilet. Maybe “waterless toilet” shoot something at “it” and it evaporates…

Dream on.