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How to increase a certain size of your WordPress Font size

January 18, 2010 12 comments

I’m tired of having to squint my eyes to read a small minim words throughout many websites. I know you can do “zoom in ” feature in most web browser but to me that’s more like a remedy solution rather than a preventive one. I love it when we can avoid problem. So, I’ve made it my own mission to avoid having small fonts on my blog (where possible).

To increase font size, if you are a CSS savvy, then you can just do a CSS custom upgrade through WP and can laugh at this post but please don’t. However, I believe there are a bunch of us blogger that simply don’t have the guts or time to deal with CSS. Having to pay for CSS upgrade just to be able to make a simple adjustment to font sizes seems a bit too much.

Typekit has been great for adding that custom font style. I did a simple guide here. But, I noticed there’s no easy way to increase font size through WP or Typekit. Both parties seems to be passing this topic on to each other like a hot cookie taken straight from the oven with bare hand. So far, I have only able to change font size on post and comment.

I did the following to increase font size in posts:

For comment, go to dashboard and click on the comment tab on the far left column. You can do “edit” and input above code.

One other thing left – the sidebar. I’ve not been able to increase any font size in this section because I can’t find the place to input the code. Will update when I figured it out.


TypeKit Guide – Change your Fonts

January 4, 2010 91 comments


Getting TypeKit to work on your blog can be frustrating especially if you are not familiar with CSS.  Here’s a simple guide of what I did to make it work without paying for wordpress CSS upgrade. First go to TypeKit and register for the Trial account which really should read free-without-time-limit. The Trial account allows you to pick only two type of fonts out of gazillions fonts that they have.  That’s fine as I only need two different fonts, one for title and the other for paragraph. In TypeKit editor, select the font you want to apply to paragraph and type “p” without the quotation mark in the selector field hit Add and it will appear like so: Read more…